Case Management

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Statewide…Serving all Counties of South Carolina

  • A provider of Case Management Services with the State of South Carolina since 1994
  • A statewide network of 85+ Case Managers
  • A proven track record as a reliable and dependable provider
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Case Managers ready to work with you
  • All Case Managers are required to maintain yearly educational updates
image: CHCS case management workflow


  • Accomplishes clients’ care by assessing treatment needs: developing, monitoring, and evaluating treatment plans and progress.
  • Determines clients’ requirements by completing intake interviews, reviewing therapist evaluations, treatment objectives, and plans.
  • Coordinates services being provided: arranging resources, including transportation and escort.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable Case Managers ready to work with you
  • Monitors cases by verifying clients’ attendance; observing and evaluating treatments and responses; advocating for needed services and entitlements; obtaining additional resources; intervening in crises; providing personal support.
  • Maintains clients’ records by reviewing case notes: logging events and progress.
  • Communicates clients’ progress by conducting monthly calls/visits and quarterly
  • Improves staff competence by maintaining certification or Continuing Education credits as required by state; balancing work requirements with learning opportunities; evaluating the application of learning to changes in treatment results.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are the Case Managers located?

Each Case Manager works in the area in which they live, and we service all of South Carolina. This allows the Case Managers to have a greater knowledge of resources in the area as well as build a bigger sense of community. 

Q. What exactly does a Case Manager do? 

Our Case Managers work with the participants, caregivers, and local offices to ensure the participants receive any provisions, upkeep, or care necessary to enhance their standard of living. For example, Case Managers work with participants to receive ready-made meals, shower chairs, pest control, and even incontinence supplies. 

Q. What if we have an issue or question the Case Manager can't answer? 

Columbia Health Care Services of South Carolina has Case Manager supervisors. These supervisors assist with training, policy changes, as well as questions or issues that may seem out of the realm of everyday. The Supervisors also communicate frequently with the Case Managers and do Quality checks on the caseloads for all Case Managers. 

Q. How do the Case Manager receive policy changes, questions, and general communications from other departments and contacts?

Our Case Managers utilize a software specific for coordination of participants information. All forms received are scanned in and uploaded to the participant’s file. Any changes are documented on the participant’s case file. This would include requests for caregiver hours, modification to the environment, issues or concerns, and conversations during visits. 

    Q. What is the average Case Manager Experience?

    Our Case Managers have an average of 10-15 years’ experience in the field. Many are Social Worker certified, Registered Nurses, or have a degree in Social Services. Each Case Manager is required to maintain a certified license and/or complete Continuing Education Credits yearly. 

    Q. How often do we speak with the Case Manager? 

    Case Managers are scheduled to reach out monthly to speak with the participant or primary caregiver to complete a checklist of needs. The first visit will be the longest as it will establish a base for all care. Shorter Quarterly visits will follow with monthly contacts in-between. Yearly, Case Managers will complete a Re-Evaluation. 

    Q. How do we reach our Case Manager? What if we can't contact them?

    Each Case Manager has a cell phone, and they provide the number to each participant and caregiver. As we follow the state guidelines, calls received are returned same day and Case Managers check their voicemails several times throughout the day. If, for some reason, they cannot be reached, the participant or caregiver is welcome to contact our office via the 800 numbers and we will jump into the situation. 

    Q. What are Covid protocols? 

    Currently, due to Covid limitations, our Case Managers are doing visits virtually (over the phone) and send any documents needing signatures or paperwork to the home address (or mailing address) of the participant or caregiver.